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Fashion Co​lors..are they for you?

Are you ready to commit to a 4-5 week hair schedule for all over statement making hair? Or is a natural on rainbow balayage 8-10 weeks more your speed? Or maybe just a statement piece in the fringe? Set realistic expectations about how often you are willing to commit to coming back for touch ups and communicate them with your stylist so they can meet your needs.

It’s not easy, or cheap, being a mermaid! Plan on also spending 3-5 hours for the transformation. If you have previously colored hair it needs to be removed before applying the tone and there are many steps depending on the level of pigment in the hair already. Bring a good book and your checkbook!!

Depending on the condition of the hair, we may need to do the transformation in two appointments as there is nothing worse that fried hair and that is not what we do at Beyond Cuts

Make sure you wait about 72 hours before washing that hair or you will wash that investment right down the drain. From there, get on a schedule of 2-3 days between washes.Hot water feels amazing, but it sucks out the brilliance in colorful hair, wash with as cool of water as you can handle. Many wash their hair separate from their body.

Platinum Blondes are beautiful but they are called Bling Bling Blonde for a reason! This service takes a long time depending on the condition of the hair and the level of darkness, we may need to do the Platinum transformation in two appointments . Plan on your visit taking between 3-4 hours and several trips to the sink to get just the right hue for your blonde service. Proper care of the hair afterwards depends on great products so you will be given a complimentary Blonde Care package when you leave. 

All shampoos and conditioners are not created equal. Drugstore brands are inexpensive because they have inexpensive ingredients and now that you have invested in those gorgeous locks, don’t ruin the experience. It’s not a sales ploy when your stylist tells you what you need to care for your hair (they are your personal hair expert). Look for shampoos like the Paul Mitchell products that are sulfate-free and do not have harsh salts as they strip moisture and color.

With home care in mind, make sure your stylers are made for color treated hair.  Ingredients like sulfates, and harsh salts mess with the pH of the hair which pop open the cuticle and can allow color to fade faster. Keep that cuticle closed!

When calling/texting for an appointment for fashion color, do tell the salon you are looking for fashion color as the appointment needs to be a longer block of time to insure a great result. You do not want to be “wiggled in” for a fashion color. Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part and you do not want to spend 8 hours at the salon.

What our customers are saying

Great team work & explanation of a hair coloring process that they were not prepared to do based on our scheduled time. They were able to accommodate us & the color process turned out great!

Rhonda P. 

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